Triodos Bank Corporate Finance

Whitni Thomas
Tridoos Bank
Deanery Road
BS1 5AS Bristol
United Kingdom

The corporate finance team at Triodos Bank helps social businesses and charities connect directly with investors to raise finance.

We have raised over £160 million for 42 positive impact organisations. 

Many social enterprises and charities need advice and assistance before they are in a position to engage with potential investors and take on external investment. We support organisations to prepare for this and become investment ready. This would typically include advice on your business plan and financial strategy as well as the best way to present your social and environmental impact. We will help you identify the type of investment to offer, the likely cost to your organisation and the sort of investors it will appeal to. We also help to promote offers to retail investors on our crowdfunding platform ( 

We are experienced in structuring and raising different types of finance to suit the needs of our clients including:

  • Charity bonds
  • Community share offers
  • Secured and unsecured debt in the form of bonds or mezzanine finance
  • Institutional equity