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About this project

About this project

About this project

Good Finance is a collaborative project to help improve access to information on social investment for charities and social enterprises.


  1. Improve knowledge of social investment, what is it, what it can be used for and the journey & process is requires 
  2. Enable organisations to make informed decisions, based on their needs and situation, not because of embedded attitudes
  3. Help connect organisations to the right investors to talk to base on shared values

The need

Charities and social enterprises identified a critical need for a comprehensive digital resource to help them to effectively navigate social investment. Evidence of this need originates from a number of sources including:

    The delivery

    Phase one

    The first phase of this project ran for the first half of 2016. During this time we:

    • Developed the beta website which pulled together existing information for charities and social enterprises
    • Ran user-focused design research, workshops and testing across the UK with a number of charities and social enterprises
    • Conducted regular Steering Group meetings to help inform the strategic direction of the project
    • Created a new website prototype based on the user research and testing

    Phase two

    The second phase involved development and build of the new site, with a relaunch in Spring 2017 containing up to date content and brand based on user needs identified in the first phase of the project.

    Project Manager was appointed in February 2017 to manage the content, website and partners and is also responsible for scoping out the future potential of the project.


    Good Finance is jointly funded by Access - The Foundation for Social Investment, Big Society Capital and DCMS, with in-kind support provided by members of the steering group.

    Project Delivery

    Kieran Whiteside
    Kieran Whiteside
    Project Manager
    Kieran is the Project Manager for Good Finance. He manages the website and content, coordinates the partners and stakeholders, and drives the strategic direction of the project.
    NDP Studio Drupal agency
    New Digital Partnership is a digital web agency who built the Good Finance website.
    Snook logo
    Snook helped co-create the website through their expertise in user-centered service design. They provide on-going user testing support to Good Finance.

    Steering Group

    Nick Wyver photo
    Nick Wyver
    Government Inclusive Economy Unit (DCMS)
    Nick is a Policy Advisor in the Government Inclusive Economy Unit at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.
    David Floyd
    David Floyd
    Flip Finance
    David is a co-developer of Flip Finance and co-author of Alternative Commission on Social Investment.
    Ed Anderton
    Ed Anderton
    Access: The Foundation for Social Investment
    Ed is Strategy and Policy Manager at Access and Chair of the Steering Group.
    Melanie Mills
    Melanie Mills
    Big Society Capital
    Melanie is Social Sector Engagement Director at Big Society Capital.
    Paul Winyard
    Paul Winyard
    Paul is senior policy officer for funding and finance at NCVO.
    Fiona Young Picture
    Fiona Young
    Social Enterprise UK
    Fiona is Head of Communications at Social Enterprise UK.
    Tara Anderson
    Tara is Head of Communications at Locality.
    Tim West
    Tim West
    The Fable Bureau
    Tim is Founder and Director of The Fable Bureau