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Blog | 4 April 2018
Many ex-offenders are reconvicted within one year of release. There is plenty of research to say that many prisoners think having a job is a vital part of keeping them out of...
Blog | 9 March 2018
If you’re visiting this website it’s probably because you were thinking about social investment and wanted to understand more about it.


Events | 26 October 2018
It’s tough raising finance but there are alternatives to grants and banks. Crowdfunding for Charities and Social Enterprises is a practical and interactive one-day crowdfunding...
Events | 20 June 2018
Social investment is often seen as a London-centric activity. It can be harder for social enterprises and charities outside of the capital to access social investors and gain a...

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Barnsley Community Build (BCB) is a registered charity that develop and deliver a range of community services and provide employment and training in the construction industry. Social investment has helped them maintain cash-flow through funding apprenticeship wages.

Barnsley Community Build

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