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Plan, Do, Assess, Review 

The important thing is to measure social impact in a way that’s proportionate for your organisation’s activities and resources. 

A simple framework is Plan, Do, Assess, Review:  

  • Plan how to create the desired impact
  • Do the impact measurement to collect information
  • Assess the data against your key goals and 
  • Review how to improve and share your work

To find out more about this framework, as well as additional information and resources for impact measurement, go to Inspiring Impact.

Case Studies 

Find out how organisations across the UK are using social investment.

Browse and read over 40 case studies of organisations that have taken social investment and learn about their impact. You can see all our case studies here.


Find our about investors, investees and their social impact with our behind the scenes videos.  

You can watch the stories of organisations that have taken social investment on our YouTube channel here. 


Hear from your peers about the ups and downs of social investment. 

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The Outcomes Matrix 

The Outcomes Matrix is an interactive tool that provides a useful starting point for you to consider the social impact that you are trying to deliver and how you will measure it.