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Dedicated support for infrastructure organisations

The ecosystem of support for social enterprises, charities and community businesses plays a vital role. Infrastructure organisations are often the first port of call for organisations seeking advice, guidance and signposting.

When it comes to social investment, how best can you support your members? And where is a good place to start?

It’s important to get a sense of where your own organisation and the market you serve is, in terms of readiness to learn about social investment. That’s where the Scoping Social Investment tool comes in! 

Discover your social investment persona

Try the 'Scoping Social Investment' tool to find out which persona is most relevant to your organisation at this point in time.

Developed in collaboration with NAVCA and supported by The Connect Fund, managed by Barrow Cadbury Trust, our goal is to help you benchmark your understanding of social investment and the appetite of your members to learn more, in turn providing you with the tools and resources to best support them on their individual social investment journeys. Read more about how the tool was developed here.

On completing the tool, you'll be signposted to a bespoke selection of Good Finance resources to support you and your members, at whatever stage you're at in your social investment journey!


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Social investment is pretty new to you and your members. You're unsure if it's the right option at this point in time.

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You and your members are considering funding options, and are keen to learn more about the role of social investment.



You and your members are actively exploring the role social investment could play in your organisations.

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You're pretty clued up about the fundamentals of social investment and feel confident in signposting members to more information.