Investment Committees of the Future is a programme of support that will lift the lid on all things to do with Investment Committees.

The programme is designed to increase the numbers of individuals bringing improved diversity and greater lived experience to investment decision making.

Investment Committees of the Future gives you access to:

  1. An e-learning programme to develop your knowledge of Investment Committees and how they work

  2. Access to a peer network of existing and future IC members supporting you to make connections with peers. 

Course Participants: Who is it for?

Investment Committees of the Future is for anyone who wants to one day join an investment committee in the social or impact investment sector. 

It’s for those who want to better understand what they are, how they work and build the skills and knowledge to join one in the future.

You may already work in the social investment or social impact sector, for example:

  • in a charity or social enterprise
  • for a grant making trust for example,
  • as a member of a Trustee or Advisory Board.

There is no pre requistive for past experience to joining the course though, simply the desire to find out more and to one day potentially become an Investment Committee member. 



The course and it's contents: how does it all work?

The course contents cover the following topics:

  • What is an Investment Committees? 
  • How does an Investment Committees work? 
  • Decision Making on Investment Committees
  • Key Competencies for Membership
  • How to read and Investment Committee paper
  • Pathways for Joining an Investment Committee

How you’ll learn:

  • Eight modules of interactive online learning content with lots of videos, quizzes and interactive exercises 
  • A virtual introductory session to meet others on the programme 
  • At your own pace - you'll have 12 weeks to complete the course going at your own pace 
  • With a tutor on hand to email questions to (you can also request a one to one) 
  • Once you have completed the course, you will be invited to join the peer network sessions. 


Background and context: how and why was it developed?

Investment committees (IC) are central to all decisions on whether social investment deals go ahead or not; who is in the room matters. However, due to the commercial sensitivity of information being discussed, most often investment committees happen behind closed doors. 

It’s difficult for those on the outside to understand and influence what is happening on the inside. If IC members are appointed through existing networks, it means that the pool of people who hold the power is relatively small. This means we are missing out on a whole range of skills and experience who have value to add to the process. Having diversity and lived experience of working with social enterprises and charities on the committee is essential for well balanced decision making, especially those within the social investment space. 

This e-learning programme has been specifically designed to support individuals who have the skills to be on an IC, but may not have the knowledge, confidence or full understanding of what it entails. You will also be offered peer support along the way.

The course is developed with support from  Big Society Capital and a range of social investors, and hosted by Good Finance. The programme has been created in collaboration with partners at the Diversity Forum and Women Social Finance and the content has been built, tested and iterated by our users, Users are always at the heart of everything we do.



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