Cost of Capital: Tools and Resources

Here you can browse tools and resources, from Good Finance and other organisations that provide support and information to help you better understand the cost of capital.

The Social Investment Jargon Buster

The Good Finance Jargon Buster is on hand to educate, encourage and inspire you to navigate social investment better.

Jargon Buster
Key Fund - Financial Planning Tools

Browse a range of tools developed by Key Fund: 

  • Key Fund's Loan Repayment Calculator makes basic assumptions on the information you provide to give an estimate on how much monthly repayments are likely to cost. You can also see how much this equates to on an annual basis. This sheet is for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer of facilities.  
  • This fantastic loan and APR calculator provides estimations for your monthly loan repayments, including fees and APR. The calculation is available for various lengths of term and will provide a detailed breakdown of the likely costs to your organisation upon taking social investment. 
  • The financial workbook  is designed to help create a three year cash flow forecast, profit and loss statement as well as a balance sheet to help assist with applications for finance. It is free to use and share.
  • The Key Fund business plan format has been designed to reflect the information required when applying for a loan and has involved input from a range of social investors, intermediaries and social enterprises. The intention is to help investees move through the process more smoothly and reduce the workload created in the application process by ensuring that your business plan contains the majority of information required for a loan application.
Finance workbook
UnLtd Getting started with financial management

Read UnLtd's guide to getting started with financial mangement. 

Business planning

Calculating the Cost of a Loan

Natalia Fernandez, Regional Manager at Big Issue Invest, explores the considerations needed to accurately calculate the cost of a loan.

Natalia at Big Issue Invest

What do Social Investors need from Social Enterprises?

This animation supported by Connect Fund demonstrates what information social investors need from social enterprises and why. 

How Social Investment Really Works 

Seb Elsworth explores the many misunderstandings amongst charities and social enterprises surrounding what social investment actually is and debunks a few of the myths that need busting. 

How SI Works
Access's Take on The Cost of Capital in Social Investment

Access provide their take on the debate surrounding cost of capital in 2019.

What Social Enterprises Tell us They Want From Social Investors: Cheaper Money 

Big Society Capital’s Senior Director of Social Sector Engagement, Melanie Mills, gives some background into issues around the cost of capital. 

What do Social Enterprises really want?
How Much Does Social Investment Cost?

A Good Finance blog explores how much social investment actually costs to social enterprises and charities. 

How much does SI cost?