Are you interested in becoming a Good Finance marketing partner? 

Good Finance marketing partners help us to improve knowledge on social investments across various sectors, enabling organisations to make informed decisions and connecting them to investors with shared values who may have capacity to help. 

The role involves creating and collaborating on blogs, events, podcasts and videos so that we can continue to reach and engage with new audiences, spreading the word on social investment far and wide. 

Are you interested in becoming a Good Finance marketing partner? 

Good Finance is a collaborative project, which aims to improve access to information on social investment for charities and social enterprises. 

After four years, we’ve learnt that collaboration really is the key to success. Teamwork makes the dreamwork. There’s power in numbers. Whichever your cliche of preference, we truly believe we can reach far more people through these partnerships which, in turn, helps us to deliver our core mission;  

‘To be the single trusted source of information on social investment for charities and social enterprises.’ 

We already have several fantastic partnerships in place, all of which we celebrated via our Twitter profile for #WorldFriendshipDay 2021. You can also see the list via our About Us page.

Marketing Partner call-out

We want more!  

We’re looking to extend this opportunity to new organisations so that we can explore undiscovered areas for Good Finance, with the aim to bring knowledge on social investment to new audiences. 

What are we looking for - are you our perfect match? 

We’re looking for a range of new partners, from social media support  or partnerships to support the delivery of online content, events and podcasts as well. 

We’re also looking to work with individuals, thought leaders or influencers in the social impact space who can help us to spread the word on social investment. 

That said, we’re all for flexibility and don’t want to miss any fantastic companies based on a box-ticking exercise. We’re always open to conversation and would be happy to negotiate what a marketing partnership might look like  based on your circumstances.  

‘OK...but what’s in it for us?’

A valid point - why should you metaphorically swipe right for Good Finance? 

1. Be a part of our growth and expand your reach 

The Good Finance website has now surpassed 250,000 unique users, a number that has experienced a steady incline of growth since conception, with a notable increase over the last months. 

2. Enable your audiences to access tools and support 

As a result of the pandemic, more and more organisations are considering social investment as the way forward. We provide useful insights on social investment which could prove, at worst, mildly interesting and, at best, a catalyst for transformational change for your audience, sharing on a weekly basis so partners can pick and choose the topics that are of most relevance to their networks. 

3. Gain access to peer support and build your network

 All partners meet on a monthly basis, not only so we can update all members on what’s coming up for Good Finance but also so they can update the group on any key priorities we can help to support on over the next few weeks. We also use this as a knowledge-sharing opportunity so that each and every partner can strive to improve based on data-driven insights. 

4. Income 

As an added bonus, all of our partnerships are paid, meaning you’ll be reimbursed for your time, effort and capacity in helping us to spread the word on social investment. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what one of our current partners, School for Social Entrepreneurs and Social Enterprise UK had to say about our partnership;

“Through this partnership we share Good Finance’s extremely useful resources about social investment to our audience of change makers on social media. While our guest blogs for Good Finance allow us to showcase people in our community who have used social investment to grow their social impact organisations. It’s a real win-win!”

 - School for Social Entrepreneurs

“I always look forward to our monthly marketing partnership catch ups, especially in this climate where we have minimalised human contact! It’s a nice opportunity to see what’s going on in the wider social economy, listening to best news of the month while seeing what everyone is working on and if we can offer partnership in up and coming campaigns. Also it’s great to discuss what people are tackling so we can all offer help or ideas.”

- Social Enterprise UK

“We know how valuable collaboration with peers is for social entrepreneurs, and the same is said for us as an organisation. The partnership offers the chance to do just that, to talk with and learn from others on how to best find, fund, and support social entrepreneurs across the UK”

- UnLtd 

Where do I sign-up?

If you’re interested in applying to become a Good Finance Marketing Partner, or you’d like to embark upon an exploratory chat to learn more, you just need to fill in this 2-3 minute survey. 

The survey asks a few questions about your organisation so we can understand a bit more about you and we  will then get in touch with next steps. 

Fill out the survey, here. 

If you’d prefer to discuss this directly with a member of Team Good Finance, please email and we will arrange a chat.