Louis encourages a young client – building core strength.(Taken as a still from video on theitr website)

Omnis Circumvado CIC is a specialist sports coaching company dedicated to providing inclusive and adapted physical activity opportunities to people of all ages with complex needs.

5 Years
Cost of capital
Repaid £25,075
Amount invested
Product type
Blended – part grant, part loan


Omnis Circumvado CiC is Latin for all encompassing because we work with people of all ages living with complex needs. Our philosophy is built around the phrase 'JumpersforGoalposts'.

People with additional/complex needs face significant challenges to be recreationally physically active. This is for a host of different reasons but usually predominantly for the following:

  • Unable to travel: Accessible activities are not available locally and people are unable to travel due to the costs/additional needs.
  • Lack of specialist equipment: You can take part in pretty much any activity as long as you've got all the gear.... Not so much if you haven't got the thousands necessary to purchase them.
  • Exclusivity: Most clubs/activities only cater for specific needs/conditions.
  • They cannot just throw some jumpers down for goal posts and have a kick about. Our aim is to change that.


We meet people where they are, in their local communities. We use low cost, easily accessible equipment. We use multiple coaches to ensure our approach - including giving non-impaired family members the chance to play with their loved ones. We only facilitate games-based activities.


Omnis Circumvado CIC provides a range of different services to suit a range of different organisations, including inclusive evening clubs, holiday clubs, adaptive PE for SEN (Special Educational Needs) schools and Adult Classes. This includes direct coaching and training for professionals.


Cash flow in small organisations is always problematic. From small clients, grants and large clients - getting paid is always the most challenging aspect. We've faced disorder in small committees, inexplicable circumstances and unexpected deaths. Social finance allows us to bridge those gaps, while trying to develop new and interesting revenue streams.

“Omnis Circumvado make an immense difference to the physical, social, mental and emotional health of people who often find it hardest to access physical activity and movement support. Their friendly, knowledgeable and inventive approach has a huge impact”

Rachel Veitch-Straw, Investment Manager, the Key Fund.

“Social Investment gave us the space and confidence to be bold.”

Louis Speight, Omnis Circumvado CIC