Barnsley Community Build

Barnsley Community Build (BCB) is a registered charity with a trading arm, BCB Trading Ltd. They develop and deliver a range of community services, and provide employment and training in the construction industry.

1 - 5 years over the six loans
Cost of capital
Amount invested
£405K over 6 investments (average loan size - £63,000)
Product type
Unsecured loan (incl. overdrafts)


Yorkshire was home to a thriving mining industry which created jobs and offered stability to the communities which built up around the mines. The withdrawal of heavy industry resulted in a massive loss of jobs and many areas are still recovering from the effect of the pit closures, with unemployment sometimes running through generations.


Barnsley Community Build is a self-sustaining social enterprise delivering training and employment in the construction industry to those at risk or unlikely to achieve meaningful work without support. It also runs a successful apprenticeship scheme working with pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds

BCB has ambitions to buy its own plot of land for trainee house building. They already refurb social housing and are landlords of bedsits for people recovering from mental health issues.

BCB also runs a café delivering meals on wheels and works on environmental contracts such as rubbish removal and recycling services.

Revenue Model

BCB accessed a series of unsecured loans which allowed it to reach more young people. The loans are repaid through payments from funders, like the local authority which pays BCB for providing apprenticeships to young adults - meeting its own targets to get young people into work.


Social investment has helped the social enterprise maintain its cash-flow through funding apprenticeship wages. It’s also contributed to funding building projects such as safe houses for women and children who are fleeing domestic violence.

 Social investment has helped fund apprentice wages and building projects. We wouldn’t have been able to move forward to where we are today without this support.

Dene Coupland, Barnsley Community Build


Key Fund’s mission is to provide the right kind of money at the right time, supporting the development and growth of a sustainable and impactful community and social enterprises that are unable to secure support from elsewhere.