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Thanks to Connect Fund, managed by The Barrow Cadbury Trust in partnership with Access: The Foundation for Social Investment, bursaries* are available to support your attendance at Addressing Imbalance Live

To be eligible to apply for a bursary you should:

  • Register for and attend Addressing Imbalance Live in person

  • Be attending Addressing Imbalance Live on behalf of a charity, social enterprise, infrastructure network or community organisation

  • Provide a copy of any relevant receipts. Please note this can be done retrospective to your bursary application.

  • Submit a bursary request prior to the event

Please note that we endeavour to make our bursaries inclusive. If you do not meet the criteria above but believe you should be entitled to a bursary, please get in touch. Please note that approved bursaries will be paid following the event.

Unfortunately we are unable to reimburse non-attendees or compensate for any travel disruption that may incur additional costs or add time to your journey. Attendees will not be reimbursed for first-class travel expenses. Attendees will be reimbursed at a flat rate for attendance and for travel, based on time taken to reach London.

Click here to submit a bursary request

As a guide, bursaries will be granted for the following amounts:


Less than 3.5 hours (outside of London zones 1-6)*: £100

More than 3.5 hours (outside of London zones 1-6)*: £150

*Travel times should be calculated by time taken to travel via public transport from the relevant station to London. Please note that we are unable to reimburse travel costs within London zones 1-6.


More than 3.5 hours travel (outside of London zones 1-6): £100


Full day: £100

Half day: £50

Exceptional bursary

Bursaries up to the value of £150 are available to cover costs in exceptional circumstances. Please get in touch if you would like to apply.

Click here to submit a bursary request

*Good Finance reserves the right to refuse or amend bursaries as it sees fit.