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Building an equitable social impact movement

Charities, social enterprises and community groups across the country are addressing societal challenges and transforming, How can we collaborate, influence and demonstrate impact to ensure money reaches communities that need it the most? 

Stephen Bediako, Founder and Social Entrepreneur


What is social investment?

Social investment is only one tool in your financial toolkit, but how does it work, and where does it sit alongside other forms of funding? Most importantly – how can it support your business and enable you to scale your impact?

Annie Constable, Senior Digital Marketing & Communications Officer, Good Finance

Ishita Ranjan, Senior Project Manager, Good Finance


Building capacity: what support is available to help your organisation achieve its mission?

Accessing capital to establish or grow your organisation and scale your impact can be daunting, not to mention difficult to navigate. Where can you get advice and practical help to support with your business development? In this panel, our speakers discuss some of the avenues available to help early stage enterprises to build resilience.

• Social investment and enterprise development support

• Legal and governance support

• Training and knowledge building 

Speakers include: 

Samara Lawrence, Lawyer, Bates Wells

Lisa Raftery, Head of Grants, Social Investment Business

Amani Simpson, Founder and Chief Executive, Aviard Inspires CIC

Chair: Ana Van Bilsen Irias, Programme Manager, Access - The Foundation for Social Investment


True Life Stories: How I got money in the bank

In this session, gain real life insights from leaders who have accessed capital to scale their impact. We hear from leaders about their experience with social investment and the role it has played in their organisations.

Speakers include:

Lizzie Jordan, Founder and Chief Executive, Think2Speak

Grace McCorkle, Co-Chief Executive, Collaborative Women

Hannah Oyewole, Founder and Chief Executive, Young Ladies Club

Chair: Amir Rizwan, Relationships Director, Big Society Capital


How can you harness your voice to influence investors?

The voices of many have been underrepresented when it comes to influencing the type of investment needed by their communities. Who could be better placed to speak to the social impact being made in communities and the support needed than those on the frontline? In practical terms, how is lived experience influencing funding and support? In this session, we hear directly from investors, frontline organisations and communities who have been involved in fund creation.

Speakers include:

Rhea Fofana, Portfolio Manager, UnLtd

Duncan Fogg, Lead Consultant, Shift

Lisa Hilder, Trustee, Hull Women's Network

Kunle Olulode MBE, Director, Voice4Change England

Chair: Melanie Mills, Senior Director - Social Sector Engagement, Big Society Capital


A blueprint for a better future

In conversation, our speakers examine what the future of social investment looks like. What progress has been made, and what change is needed to better serve people and communities? In this session, we delve into the opportunities and possibilities of a better future, with lived experience and diverse representation at the helm.

Speakers include:

Patricia Hamzahee, Trustee, Social Enterprise UK

Kevin Osborne, Founder and Chief Executive, MeWe360

Chair: Ishita Ranjan, Founder and Director, Spark & Co