Introducing the all-new Procurement Pathway for any organisations looking at using social investment to retrofit their build. 

What Is the Procurement Pathway?

These pages are designed to empower social enterprises and charities in making informed decisions when selecting providers for retrofitting energy efficiency measures. 

The purpose of the procurement pathway is to bring together the advice and guidance materials for charities and social enterprises looking to procure energy efficiency upgrades and install low carbon technologies in their buildings. Ultimately, these pages have been designed to empower charities and social enterprises to make informed decisions on the why, what, how and who of retrofit. 

The Procurement Pathway is a useful starting point for... 

•    Understanding energy efficiency, what it is and the benefits it can have 
•    Getting started on your energy retrofit journey 
•    Exploring detailed guides for various energy saving measures to better understand which are right for you 
•    Considering how to find the right installer and what questions you should ask pre-installation
•    Connecting with advice providers who can help with your next steps

How does the Procurement Pathway work?
The procurement pathway



The Procurement Pathway will take you on a journey as you follow the steps from start to finish. Here's a quick breakdown of what you can expect in each section... 

Step #1 - Getting started 

Covering the basics such as understanding energy efficiency, why buildings need energy retrofit and what the benefits are, all the way through to things you should do or know before you get started. 

Step #2 - Energy saving measures

Exploring seven key energy saving measures, this section provides a detailed analysis of each and every measure including what it is, how it works, the likely costs involved and more. 

Step #3 - Next steps and installation 

Setting out what happens next in terms of choosing the right installers, questions to ask, accreditation bodies to look out for and advice providers that can support your next steps. 

If you have been signposted to this page from an existing scheme from Groundwork, ACCESS or another social investor, you may want to jump straight to Energy saving measures or Choosing the right installer

Alternatively, you can also download a full PDF guide to the Procurement Pathway via the button below. 

These pages have been sponsored by ACCESS: The Foundation for Social Investment, with all content provided by Energy Savings Trust, the trusted expert on energy efficiency and low carbon solutions.

ACCESS The Foundation for Social Investment
Energy Saving Trust


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