Through our Venturesome Impact Fund, we provide social investment for purpose driven organisations – charities, social enterprises and community groups – all over the UK. This is in line with our vision for a fair and sustainable future for all. The fund offers flexible finance options designed to help your social organisation ease cashflow, develop new services or purchase assets – all of which can play an important part in sustaining and growing your impact.

Our social investment fund is designed for social organisations that would find it hard to borrow from a mainstream lender or social bank.

CAF first pioneered social investment in 2002, through its Venturesome funds; using philanthropic capital to make social investments, donated by private and corporate clients, and other charitable foundations.   

We were one of the first social investors in the UK and for the last 20 years have been one of the most active.

The social investment team lends money to social purpose organisations and, as they repay us, we use the same money to make loans to other organisations looking for affordable and flexible finance to grow their impact. This means that one pot of money can benefit many causes and multiply the impact social purpose organisations make.

At CAF, social investment recycles capital provided by our generous donors.