Through our Venturesome Impact Fund, we provide social investment for purpose driven organisations – charities, social enterprises and community groups – all over the UK. This is in line with our vision for a fair and sustainable future for all.

The fund offers flexible finance options designed to help your social organisation ease cashflow, develop new services or purchase assets – all of which can play an important part in sustaining and growing your impact.

Our social investment fund supports organisations all over the UK, irrespective of cause area or geography.

We offer repayable loans between £50,000 and £1 million, with a 5.5% fixed interest rate that won’t change during the lifetime of the facility. Additional commitment and legal fees apply.

Our flexible investment types include:

  • Unsecured loans
  • Blended finance (part loan/part grant)
  • Standby facilities (a pre-approved loan to draw on if it's needed)

Our unrestricted social investment can fund:

  • Working capital/cashflow management
  • Delivering products and/or services to new customers
  • Building organisational resilience such as investing in improving impact measurement and reporting, designing and developing products or services, systems and processes, sales and marketing, hiring new staff, and purchasing assets

Typically, our loans are between 3-5 years with a regular payment schedule, but we can increase that up to 10 years under exceptional circumstances.