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Headliners UK


Headliners UK used social investment to help them in their mission of empowering young people to tell their stories and care about their community more. 

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3 years
Cost of capital 
Amount invested 


Young people in deprived areas, from minority groups, or having a form of disability, are isolated or at risk of exclusion.


Headliners empower them to have a voice through a unique multi-media journalism programme where young people research and produce stories for publication and broadcast about issues that concern them. They also campaign for change in their communities.

Revenue model

They repayed the loan through their unrestricted income streams. CAF Venturesome offering the loan based on their historic ability to secure grants from a variety of funders. 


Since 1994, Headliners have worked with over 10,000 young people and they have produced more than 6,000 stories on issues important to them. In the past year Headliners participants have logged 29,994 volunteering hours and have developed and delivered over 20 social action projects in their community.

Venturesome has helped Headliners to become more robust and give a voice to more vulnerable young people and improve their employment prospects.

        Fiona Wyton, Director, Headliners