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Whitni Thomas

Triodos Bank's dedicated advisory team has over 15 years of experience and has raised over £200m of non bank finance for impactful organisations like yours.

Triodos Bank only lends to and invests in organisations that make a positive impact on people and the planet. Alongside banking services, we have a dedicated advisory team that works with impactful organisations to help them access the capital they need.

Every organisation is unique and so should be their financing. We take a case-by-case approach to help you find the right type of finance - whether that’s a loan from a bank, investment from a social investment fund or raising capital from individual investors.

If raising investment from individual investors is right for you, we can connect you to thousands of impact motivated investors via our crowdfunding platform ( We can also help you raise capital from charitable trusts and foundations, social investment funds and mainstream investment funds.

We have raised over £200m for impactful organisations of all sizes, including charities, social enterprises and environmental projects.

Showcase stories

Trees for Life charity bond

Who was the organisation you worked to support?

Trees for Life

What was their challenge?

Trees for Life is a charity working to rewild the Scottish Highlands. The charity wanted to expand their impact and create more revenue to support their conservation work. They developed plans to build a rewilding centre on their Dundreggan estate combining a visitors centre with accommodation. They raised capital from their own reserves and capital grants and needed a further £2m to make the rewilding centre a reality.

What was the support you provided / offered

The Triodos corporate finance team worked with Trees for Life to structure an investment that works for the charity and would attract social investors. The bond offer was launched on Triodos Bank’s crowdfunding platform in September 2021 and was filled in a matter of days. With a minimum investment...

What was the impact or outcome of support?

The proceeds from the charity bond gave Trees for Life the final bit of finance it required to build the centre. The Dundreggan Rewilding Centre in Glenmoriston opened in April 2023 and showcases how large-scale nature recovery can give people inspiring experiences while creating jobs and benefiting rural communities.