We're on a mission to bust social investment jargon once and for all, breaking down barriers and empowering users to access information, but we need your help...

Our platform, your voice

At Good Finance our users are at the centre of everything we do; our goal is to help you navigate the sometimes complex world of social investment and empower you at every stage of your journey.

Whether you’re exploring finance options for the first time or a social investment wizz, the tools, resources and peer stories on the Good Finance website have been developed for and by our users to enable you to make an informed decision when it comes to social investment.

Who ya gonna call - jargon busters!

The social investment world  is full of jargon and acronyms that  can leave even the most seasoned social entrepreneurs feeling baffled from time to time!

That’s why we developed the Good Finance Jargon Buster - a go-to glossary of social investment terms with quick and easy explainers. .

To date, we’ve ‘busted’ over 100 terms and the list is still growing. Structured alphabetically, it’s simple to find whatever term you are looking for. Even better, it will be summarised in no more than a few, short sentences; it’s never been easier to expand your knowledge. Each word and description is accompanied by a small icon that signifies that term - so it's not just a bunch of words! You can find the Jargon Buster under the ‘Understanding Social Investment’ tab on the Good Finance website.

Get Involved

We source new terms via sector reports and publications, word of mouth and, most importantly, our users - you! Is there a phrase, acronym or term you’ve come across that’s left you stumped? Tell us! 
Follow the link below to let us know what jargon you’d like to see busted! This could be a new term, or one that would be beneficial for us to re-share - we want to hear your voice. 

Submit your term for the jargon buster!

We add a new term (or highlight an existing term) every fortnight and share these across our Good Finance channels. So if you’re struggling to tell your asset transfer from your equity investment, don’t suffer in silence. Complete this form and help us bust some jargon!

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