From wind turbines to solar-powered batteries - and everything in between! Discover the various ways you can use social investment to support your energy resilience. 

Solar Panels 

Solar Power: An Introduction via CSE

How solar energy can be used to heat water (solar-thermal) or generate electricity (solar-PV).

Questions to ask PV Installers 

Getting solar panels installed is a big commitment and you should have confidence in the people you hire to install them. It’s important that you know which questions you should ask and be able to understand the answers so that you’re happy with your purchase.

The Centre for Sustainable Energy has put together a comprehensive list of questions that will help you weigh up which installer is right for you and your building. 

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Heat Pumps 

Heat Pumps: an Introduction via CSE

How the three types of heat pumps (ground-source, air-source and water-source) work, and where is best to locate them. 


Biomass: an introduction via CSE

How biomass fuels can be used to heat homes and generate energy, and which biomass systems are suitable for smaller-scale community projects.


Wind Power 

Wind Power: an introduction via CSE

How the different types of wind turbine convert the energy in the wind to electricity, and where are the most suitable places to put them.

Energy From Waste

Energy from waste: an introduction

How renewable energy can be generated from the contents of our wheelie bins, catering waste, farmyard slurry or sewage.