I joined the team at Good Finance in June 2021 whilst completing my Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with Multiverse. During this time, I’ve had the opportunity to develop my skill-set whilst learning about some of the incredible and life-changing work that charities and social enterprises are carrying out across the UK. The time has really flown in and as I prepare for the next step in my career, I wanted to reflect on some of my key learnings from the last 18 months…

Biggest takeaways

Ask questions!

This was something I picked up on my very first day! It is not only the most effective way to learn, but it also challenges the person you are asking as they have to speak in simpler terms. This was quite out of my comfort zone however, it's much quicker than spending time on Google trying to digest the complex definitions. No question is silly and it shows you’re engaged!

There’s a whole world of charities and social enterprises

Prior to starting this job my knowledge of this sector was practically non-existent, the extent of it was probably Comic Relief in Primary School. I had no idea the variety of organisations, and all the different groups of people they help. Learning about the structures, investment opportunities and the dedication it takes to run a successful charity, social enterprise or community group is so inspiring. These leaders are incredible, selfless individuals who devote their time to improving lives. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about so many fantastic organisations.

We can all ‘go social’

I have been introduced to social enterprises, which are a great way to provide support to people and communities in various ways. These vary from coffee shops and bakeries to homelessness support organisations. Going social is a great way to provide support as all profits are reinvested in the purpose of the organisation or benefiting the wider community. I’ve been spotting them around London and my travels throughout the UK and encourage everyone in my life to go social where they can.

Find your niche

Finding what you’re passionate about makes your job more enjoyable. Digital marketing covers a wide range of skills and competencies; I will always try something once, you never know what you’ll enjoy until you try. Having the privilege to be part of various projects and work with people across my team and organisation has really helped me hone in on my strengths and weaknesses. I love the creative side of marketing - from social media to email, it’s been great to really explore how I can use my skills to create engaging digital campaigns. I’ve finished my apprenticeship knowing this is where my strengths lie and I am keen to really develop these in future roles.

Learning more about myself

This was one of the most valuable things I’ve gained from my apprenticeship. As a natural introvert, speaking up in meetings and presenting were things that didn’t come naturally to me, but putting myself out of my comfort zone to work on these areas has really helped my development. I’ve learnt more about the way I like to work, the things that motivate me and how I need to manage my routine in order to bring my best self to work. So, as I venture into my career, I know how I like to work and can share it with future colleagues which I think is so valuable. I look forward to bettering my professional self and learning new things.

In my 18 months I have met countless incredible people all who have taught me so much. Whether it's how to present myself in a meeting, how to create an effective Twitter post or tips on organisation. I have been given countless tidbits of guidance that have shaped me into a young digital marketer and professional. This experience has helped me grow from a teenager fresh out of school, to a young woman eager to make a positive impact online. What I have been taught is priceless and I am so grateful for all the opportunities given to me during my time. I feel lucky to have had my first job at such an impactful organisation full of inspiring people.

Rosie Daly, Digital Marketing Apprentice

If you know of any Digital Marketing job opportunities, I would really appreciate if you dropped me a message on LinkedIn - thank you!