Be the first to hear about paid user testing opportunities at Good Finance!

Good Finance is, first and foremost, user-led. That means we prioritise talking to and (crucially) listening to our users, designing our tools, resources and programmes around the wants, needs and insights of the communities we serve. 

This year, we’re launching the Good Finance User Testing Community. We want to create an active group of engaged users that can help us to achieve our objectives while staying true to our overall mission. 

Who can join?

We’re going to create a diverse community of individuals representing the charity, social enterprise and infrastructure / capacity builder sectors. 

We aim to welcome a wide range of people, from different sectors, seniorities, organisations and geographies to gain valuable perspectives to guide our content and direction. 

How will it work? 

Those that are interested in joining the User Testing Community will need to fill out this quick survey so we can make sure this opportunity is right for you. Once approved, we will send you an email to confirm your place, including links to join:

An exclusive mailing list who will be the first to hear about paid user testing opportunities
A LinkedIn Group, where opportunities will also be posted and members can share any other links / opportunities that might be relevant for the group

Once the community is up and running, we will start to share invitations for user testing opportunities as and when they are available. The time and date for each session will be set, so you must only register your interest if you are able to attend that specific slot.

Each project will require a varying number of testers, but we will typically select 6-8 of the first respondents who will then be invited to attend the session via Zoom. 

All User Testers will be paid £50 per hour-long session they attend. 

Where do I sign up?

Sounds intriguing right? Fill-out this quick survey to register your interest in joining the community. Upon reviewing your criteria, you’ll be sent an email to confirm your place in the group, including mailing list and LinkedIn group sign-up instructions. 

If you don’t quite match the criteria we’re looking for or we have any follow-up questions or clarifications on the information you provided, we’ll let you know via email. 

Hopefully that’s provided enough of an overview on the Good Finance User Testing Community and what we’re hoping to achieve with the help of this group. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know - email: