What was their challenge?
- Acquisition of significant assets
- funding acquisition (£multi-million)
- Business and strategic planning
- Financial forecasting
- all HR and Operational systems set-up
What was the support you provided / offered
- Property and asset acquistion
- muti-million funding acquisition
- commercial operations start-up & development
- business, finance and strategy planning
- capital develop planning and execution.
What was the impact or outcome of support?
- Acquisition of 30-acre estate plus a range of heritage buildings
- £2.7m funding acquisition
- capital development planning and delivery including car parks, toilets, significant repairs and major estate/gardens redevelopment
- set up and delivery of commercial trading for social purpose.
Jim Bennett provided excellent guidance over several years in establishing Bannockburn House Trust, helping the community acquire the estate and then equip us with the resources to develop our work. His expertise in funding, capital development and trading for a social purpose was invaluable.
Alan Buchan - BHT Manager