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Eleri Jones

Sumerian Foundation is an impact first investor. We support charities and social enterprises tackling UK social inequality through offering tailored support, including patient and flexible finance, skills support and mentorship.

Sumerian Foundation takes the time (often 6-12 months, and at a pace that suits you) to understand your organisation. Through a series of open and transparent conversations we strive to understand your impact, business model, strengths, weaknesses and financing needs, ultimately seeking to co-develop the right type of financing suited to your needs and identify areas where we can provide additional support post investment. We do this to build trust, a sense of partnership and an open relationship from the outset.

We then offer appropriate financing between £70k-£200k, with repayment over the long-term (often 7-12 years) and with significant flexibility. We always co-design the terms to be understandable, transparent and affordable. As an ‘impact first’ investor, we have no pre-set financial targets.

Following investment, we offer guidance to help you manage the inevitable risks to achieving viable growth and impact (for example in business strategy and planning, financial management, corporate governance, risk management). We always find our investees over time come to value our mentorship and support more than the money we provide!