The North East Social Investment Fund (NESIF) invests in charities and social enterprises in the North East of England.

NESIF aims to improve the quality of life across the North East by supporting charities, not-for-profits and social enterprises tackle a range of social issues. Our priorities include homelessness, debt and poverty, health and social care, mental health provision, offender rehabilitation, tackling unemployment and regenerating deprived communities. We have supported a wide range of organisations including sports clubs, arts centres, community centres, social care providers and community businesses running everything from childcare to cooperatively-owned garden centres.

The Fund supports development activities such as building capacity for services, purchasing or refurbishing property and developing new community business opportunities. Investments range from £100k to £1m and the Fund is open until the end of 2024, with repayment periods extending up to 2034, depending on your requirements.

There is no formal application form – any investment is shaped around your organisation's ambitions, needs and circumstances through a supportive and conversational process.  This aims to ensure that everyone is fully confident that any social investment is in the best possible interests of your organisation and the community it serves.