Mustard Seed is a principal investor in world-class early-stage businesses that generate financial and societal returns. We do so in conjunction with our global member network of business luminaries, an FCA-authorized venture fund, and events at many of the world’s leading universities.

Mustard Seed has an unusual and important opportunity to connect capital with purpose. Globally, there are $70 trillion dollars in assets under management. 99.9% of this is managed exclusively to produce monetary gain. And the majority seeks to make that gain within less than a year. There is no coincidence that 99% of global wealth is now owned by 1% of the global population. A society that allocates resources purely on the basis of generating short-term profit is untenable.

Mustard Seed is planting a stake in the ground to help divert capital towards purpose.

Mustard Seed believes that solving the greatest of societal ills drives commercial success in the long run, and focuses on the following investment themes: economic inclusion, education, environmental sustainability, family/community and health.