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Jonathan Levy

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation is an independent social change organisation working to solve UK poverty. We were established over 100 years ago by the visionary Quaker businessman and social reformer Joseph Rowntree to provide housing in communities and to understand the root causes of social problems.

JRF works to a social change model where we develop and deliver long-term plans aimed at tackling the root causes of UK poverty, in pursuit of the following outcomes:

  • More people want to solve poverty, understand it and take action.
  • More people find a route out of poverty through work.
  • More people find a route out of poverty through a better system of social security.
  • More people live in a decent, affordable home.

Since 2015, £15 million of JRF’s endowment has been allocated to fund social investments. In 2019, JRF had committed £10 million of this allocation.

The social investments are a mix of direct and fund investments, supporting organisations that are operating in areas which align with our overarching charitable mission.