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We exist to support SME businesses and social enterprises across the North through flexible finance. 

Alongside being accredited by the British Business Bank and able to offer CBILS, Business Enterprise Fund also offer their lending to social enterprises and charities via the Community Investment Enterprise Facility (CIEF). 

Picture a world where your small business or social enterprise dream can become a reality, free from the stress of financial hurdles. This is the mission at the Business Enterprise Fund (BEF).

BEF is a non-profit social enterprise, established to offer loans to small businesses (SMEs) and social enterprises, aiding their growth, success, and impact on their local communities.

In the last 11 years, we haven't just given out loans; we've ignited potential. We've injected over £108 million into small businesses, boosted the economy by £392.4 million, and helped create or safeguard 13,140 jobs. But it's not all about the money – it’s about making real dreams come true, creating jobs, and changing communities for the better.

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