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Kumar Ghosh
020 7632 9060

Barrow Cadbury Trust will consider investments reflecting the social justice aims of the charity and our interests: criminal justice, gender justice, racial justice and economic justice. If an investment is in a local or regional project, we are more likely to invest if it is based in or around Birmingham.  


We will make social investments which: 

  • Provide clear evidence of social impact 

  • Provide risk capital to test new models of investment and working, often to organisations which find it difficult to raise the risk capital elsewhere 

  • Catalyse present and future investment 


We recognise that social investment is not always the most suitable solution, but could be one of several financing options.   

The Trust works with other social investors to share learning and knowledge. 


What return is Barrow Cadbury Trust looking for? 

The financial return will depend on the risk and level of social impact.  


Will Barrow Cadbury Trust invest in non-charitable companies? 

Yes, provided that: 

  • the social mission of the non-charitable company is in line with our aims and  

  • any private benefit arising from the investment is necessary, reasonable and in our interests. 


How much will Barrow Cadbury Trust invest? 

We will usually invest between £50,000 and £250,000 . 


When would we want our investment back? 

We recognise that charities and social enterprises often need patient and flexible finance and we will discuss the terms of the investment with the potential investee on an individual basis. We will expect to hold a balance of short and longer term investments within the portfolio. 

How to apply 

If you think that your investment fits the criteria above send a summary of the  proposal to Kumar Ghosh, Social Investment Manager.  This should be a maximum of two pages and cover the following information: 

  • Brief details about your organisation 

  • How the investment will be used 

  • How much investment you are looking for 

  • How the project generates income 

  • Details of the social impact  

  • We will then contact you about next steps. 

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