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Julie Dunn

Ethex is a direct investing platform helps everyday people make ethical investments that fund extraordinary organisations.

Ethex is proud to be an established and trusted direct impact investment platform. For the past 10 years, we have connected thousands of everyday people with extraordinary projects, making it easy for them to use their money to support a range of organisations that are taking real steps to tackle climate change, building stronger communities, reducing poverty and accelerating climate action.

We believe that our money is the most powerful transformational force for environmental and social change and over the last decade, we have seen the power of people’s pounds in action.

in the last ten years, more than 20,000 investors have raised over £110 million to support projects with a positive social and environmental mission.

Showcase stories

Low Carbon Hub investment raises

Who was the organisation you worked to support?

Low Carbon Hub

What was their challenge?

The Low Carbon Hub has an ambitious vision for a low-carbon Oxfordshire. They are backing pioneering green energy projects, encouraging energy efficiency, increasing local energy generation and storage, supporting the shift to electric transport and championing community ownership. They needed flexible and affordable finance to fund their pioneering energy projects.

What was the support you provided / offered

Over the last 7 years, The Low Carbon Hub has raised over £9.6 million from investors through Ethex. We listed the share offers on out platforma and marketed them to our investor base.

What was the impact or outcome of support?

The money raised has funded pioneering, community-owned, clean energy projects in Oxfordshire. As a direct result of this investment, the Low Carbon Hub has been able to grow its portfolio to 47 clean energy projects that have the potential to generate 4.5 GWh of green energy, per annum. That’s enough to power 1,465 homes and mitigate 1,259 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. The entire Low Carbon Hub renewable energy portfolio is forecast to provide £2.6m of community benefit donations over its lifetime.