There are over 100,000 social enterprises in the UK, with 22% operating in some of its most deprived communities. Despite this, minority-led social enterprises, that is, those led by people from racialised and LGBTQI communities as well as those led by women and people with disabilities, face disproportionate barriers to accessing social investment.

These tools and resources seek to support organisations to promote Diversity and Inclusion within the social enterprise sector. 

Our recent Addressing Imbalance Live event brought together leaders of charities, social enterprises and community groups which are traditionally underrepresented or marginalised to showcase the role of social investment in diverse communities. Catch up on all of the sessions and speakers from the day, on demand, via Addressing Imbalance Live

If your organisation offers free tools and resources on Diversity and Inclusion for charities and social enterprises, please email with a link to the webpage and, if relevant, we will add to this page. 

Diversity and Ability

Championing neurodiversity and disability inclusion through technology, training and talent

Addressing Imbalance

The Addressing Imbalance programme launched in 2021 with the aim of connecting and engaging with organisations led by individuals who identify with one or more of these demographics. Our goal is to provide learning and resources to empower leaders with the tools they need to make an informed decision when considering social investment.

Spark and Co.

Spark and  Co. is a Community Interest Company that supports racialised people in the UK by providing information, education & opportunity.

Anti-racism Resources for the Social Enterprise Sector

The anti-racist path for a social enterprise should be strategic and tailored to foster sustainable, long-term change. Racism overlaps with all forms of social oppression and can't be viewed as one singular problem area. As such, the training and resources approach inclusion through an intersectional lens and highlight anti-racist practice:

The Diversity Trust CIC

The Diversity Trust CIC is a Community Interest Company established in 2012 in the UK. Their mission is to ‘influence social change to create a fairer and safer society’.