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Bertie Herrtage

Bertie Herrtage is the founder of The Crowdfunding Coach, supporting the successful development of donation and rewards based crowdfunding and match funding for charities and voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations. He promotes crowdfunding education across the UK and abroad; working with councils, accelerator programmes and social sector organisations.

Bertie was the Senior Coach at Crowdfunder UK for 5 years and is the author of the crowdfunded magazine Crowdfunder Stories and director of its supporting 10-part YouTube series.

Bertie has coached over 900 crowdfunding campaigns, raising over £10 Million between them.

Within the Third Sector, crowdfunding is one of the most exciting and progressive forms of finance for charities and social enterprises.

Through crowdfunding, increasingly more and more 'match funding' opportunities are being made available from corporates, trusts and local authorities to support the development of these organisations and fill the funding gap experienced by so many.

Bertie from The Crowdfunding Coach offers consultancy for these organisations and can advise on the development of a successful crowdfunding campaign and application to suitable match funding opportunities.

Showcase stories

Crowdfunding success for a Rewilding Social Enterprise raising £27,742

Rewilding Britain's Schools

Who was the organisation you worked to support?

Operation Future Hope

What was their challenge?

Since 2018 Operation Future Hope has been educating young people in schools about ecological and environmental challenges, enabling students to recognise that urgent action is needed, and inspiring the next generation to get involved with the restoration, regeneration, and rewilding of the natural world.

They needed to raise the funds necessary to take their education programme nationwide, to rewild Britain's schools and inspire, equip and support more young people to care for the natural world.

What was the support you provided / offered

Training - Through The Crowdfunding Coach we were able to piece together a bespoke crowdfunding workshop for their team, to help them understand exactly how crowdfunding worked and how they might use it to great effect. Over the course of the preparation of their campaign we conducted a number of 1...

What was the impact or outcome of support?

In a 30 day crowdfunding campaign Operation Future Hope raised a total of £27,742, including £14,808 in match funding.