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Dave Boyle

We help organisations transform their supporter networks into communities of social investors, providing patient and aligned capital to support start-up, growth and development.

We help groups undertake community share issues, a cheap and accessible form of democratic crowdfunded equity.
We can help you at every stage, from creating the right legal structure (including converting your existing legal structure to one required for community shares) through to mapping your stakeholder networks and identifying the key messages you need to connect with them, and the communication strategies you need to deploy to do this.
We'll work through your financial projections and identify what returns we can offer investors over what timescale, and secure investment tax reliefs if there are available to you.
We'll prepare the key documents you need for a share issue and support you and your team through the investment period, and beyond.
We can contract with you directly, or use our contacts and reputation to help secure you some grant support to cover our time at no cost to you.

Showcase stories

Jubilee Pool Penzance Share Offer

Who was the organisation you worked to support?

Jubilee Pool Penzance

What was their challenge?

They needed to raise £600,000 to enable them to turn their 1930s seasonal seawater pool into a year-round leisure destination with geothermal heated water pools

What was the support you provided / offered

We worked with the pool team to create the right legal structure, then help plan the campaign to raise the funding. We wrote the share offer document that underpinned the investment drive, and helped secure investment tax reliefs to supercharge the investment drive in the high net-worth demographic.

What was the impact or outcome of support?

The Pool raised £600,000 in share capital, alongside £1.2M in other grants and loans. 1,400 invested, of whom 970 were local people. The Pool opened in 2020 and goes from strength to strength as one of Cornwall's leading visitor attractions.