Tafarn Yr Heliwr

Tafarn Yr Heliwr is a Community-Benefit Society based in Nefyn, Gwynedd, Wales and was established in order to raise money and re-open the village pub as a not-for-profit community-owned business. 

10 years
Cost of capital
0 - Due to open in Autumn '21
Amount invested
Product type
Community shares


We were set up to tackle social isolation in our village as people needed somewhere to gather socially. People felt that the high street was run-down and we were keen to inject a bit of life back into the high street. Tafarn yr Heliwr was the only pub in the village and had been closed for 9 years, and the local community rallied behind taking it into community ownership. We now have 500 community investors. We appointed a Community Development Officer in April 2021 to engage with local people and begin organising social events.


The Community Development officer is consulting with the community and learning about the ways in which people have been impacted by covid, and the things that people want Tafarn yr Heliwr to do. These projects include: litter picking activities to clean up the local environment, gaining funding for a community garden, as well as providing a welcoming and accessible space where people can have an informal cup of tea or a pint and socialise.

Revenue Model

Our trading income will come from operating the pubs and selling drinks, refreshments and food. We will also run community events and activities. This funding package was made up of a range of grant, blended finance and community shares. The total capital for this project was £1.2m. 


The social investment enabled us to buy and renovate an empty (and dilapidated) pub building on the high street to take into community ownership. This couldn't have happened without the investment from the community and funders. We were able to buy the building with the community share offer but the building needed a lot of renovation work and we wouldn't have been able to achieve this without the support of grants and loans.

"This project has really brought people together across all generations. We've had 16-year olds volunteering alongside retired people to help us to clear out the pub and it has really boosted the community spirit in the village." 

- Bleddyn Evans, Director of Tafarn yr Heliwr

“We live in Nefyn and want to see Nefyn at it’s best, we bought shares in Tafarn yr Heliwr so our children will benefit from growing up and having a future in a thriving town”

- Donna & Martin Jones, Shareholders