Nemi Teas

This #AChangingWorld episode features Pranav Chopra, a social entrepreneur who founded Nemi Teas. This podcast definitely goes down even better with a cup of tea as he talks about how social investment has played a part in his journey and the potential ways to scale up.

5 years
Cost of capital
Amount invested
Product type
Blended – part grant, part loan


To provide employment to refugees, give them local work experience and job readiness skills to enter the job market and help them integrate into broader society. Create positive change through business, employment opportunities and support refugees to secure a local referee to help them enter the UK workforce.

Revenue Model

Nemi Teas sells tea blends, biodegradable tea bags and supports the Fairtrade movement by buying tea on Fairtrade terms. They employ refugees to perform commercial roles including sales and marketing, events, packaging and distribution.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced Nemi Teas to close their shop and scale up their online offer.


They re-invest more than 50% of its profits back into the business to help achieve social-impact goals and create opportunities for refugees. The Covid-19 pandemic has given them an opportunity to review their impact matrix, revenue model and business strategy.