HCT Group used social investment to scale their community transport business.

5 years
Cost of capital
6.6% (blended over life of loans)
£76.72 million
Amount invested
£9.95 million
Product type
Secured loan


Older people, disabled people and people who are long-term unemployed are more likely to experience loneliness and isolation, issues that are linked with around a 30% higher risk of early death. Many older people also experience difficulty accessing local services such as shops, the post office or day centre.


HCT Group provides transport for vulnerable people to improve access to community groups, local facilities and services. Community-designed bus routes provide the opportunity to engage with the outside world, improving wellbeing and encouraging independent living.

Revenue model

HCT Group used social investment to scale the business. It operates commercial contracts in London, Bristol, Leeds, Wakefield, Jersey and Guernsey. These revenues enable them to provide community transport services and repay the loan.


Over the last five years, HCT Group has provided 1.77 million passenger trips for community groups and disadvantaged people. They provided 2,540 qualifications for long term unemployed people, found work for almost 400 unemployed people and created over 350 jobs.

We made the investment into HCT Group because they have a sustainable model. They run big commercial contracts and use the profits from those to subsidise their social enterprise activity. They are not reliant on public sector funding or grants. They have demonstrated a real ability to grow their social impact over a number of years and we are very much looking for them to continue that growth.

        Mark Bickford, Senior Fund Manager FSE


Our competitors aren’t big bus companies, our competitors are loneliness, isolation and social exclusion.

        Dai Powell, Chief Executive, HCT Group