Group of people at Gloucestershire Gateway Trust

Gloucestershire Gateway Trust (GGT) is a social and environmental regeneration charity on the largest peripheral social housing estates around the edge of Gloucester by the M5. 

3 Years
Cost of capital
9% (Y1) 7% (Y2 + Y3)
Amount invested
£158,000 (loan) + 62,000 (grant)
Product type
Blended – part grant, part loan


Set up in 2007, its purpose was to create a long-term income for community organizations in our target neighborhoods and permanent jobs for local residents through the creation of the award-winning Gloucester Services.

The pandemic caused several challenges from a business point of view. With very few visitors in the initial lockdown, the motorway services had to reduce to minimal operation and furlough 75% of staff. Income was significantly reduced. The organisation did not have a lot of reserves to buffer immediate losses.


The RRLF loan (£158k) and grant (£62k) was used for working capital. With operation minimal, GGT provided local communities with food supplies and wellbeing support during the pandemic. If they had not received this loan and were more uncertain about their financial position, the organisation would not have been able to sustain the amount of support they were providing to communities at this critical time. 


Funds are generated thanks to their unique partnership with the Westmorland Family, and their shared ownership in the award-winning M5 Gloucester Services. They receive 3p of every £1 of non-fuel sales from Gloucester Services, which is then reinvested into local communities, people and projects. 


“The CBILS loan has provided us with a space to reshape what we do, making it more appropriate to the new context. We are now able to continue to work with local partners – something that is integral to quality of life and survival of our local residents who live in marginalised communities”

Mark Gale, Chief Executive, Gloucestershire Gateway Trust

"We are pleased to have invested in the Gloucestershire Gateway Trust through the Resilience and Recovery Loan Fund. The funding enabled GGT to maintain crisis support provided to disadvantaged communities during the pandemic as well as exploring new opportunities.  GGT makes a substantial impact and ensured it responded to immediate needs caused by the pandemic as well as looking to the future in order to sustain and strengthen the communities it serves."

Claire Goodwin, Relationship Manager and Social Investment Business