Freedom Foundation

Freedom Foundation is a Nottingham based social enterprise working to improve children’s physical and mental wellbeing through music, dance, and mentoring.

5 years
Cost of capital
Amount invested
£79,970 (£23,100 loan, £56,870 grant)
Product type
Blended – part grant, part loan


An increase in mental health issues in children and young people, in particular the negative impact of social media led founders Laura and Stacey to explore how they could use music through streetdance, hip-hop and singing and songwriting to support.


Founded in 2018 Freedom Foundation have been delivering arts and education projects with schools, alternative provisions, and their community. Through the power of music and dance children and young people learn how to craft songs and create dance routines whilst they are equipped with the tools to manage their wellbeing, understand the impact social media has on their mental health and embrace their identity. Freedom Foundation works with children and young people aged 2 – 25 with a range of creative projects enabling them to explore their individuality and creativity, be physically active and mentally reactive.


Freedom Foundation received a total of £79,970 in blended finance from Keyfund, made up of £49,970 of grant funding from Grant SESF 2, £6,900 of grant funding from Northern Impact Fund Grant and £23,100 from Northern Impact Fund Loan.


Investment has enabled Freedom Foundation to take on additional staff members, as such allowing them to scale their impact and reach supporting more children and young people with their mental health.

'Freedom Foundation are so pleased to receive social investment and it is has been key in our growth in the last 12 months. Our funder (Key Fund) have been so supportive throughout the process and through their support and this investment we are in a strong position to increase our reach to support children and young peoples’ mental health.’

- Laura Grant, Director, Freedom Foundation

‘Key Fund were really pleased to support Laura and her colleagues at Freedom Foundation with a blended mix of grant and loan as working capital. As result they were able to take on additional staff and extend their activities supporting young people in deprived neighbours of Nottingham.‘

- Brian Coghlan, Investment Manager at Key Fund