The Craufurd Arms

It was great to hear from Mark Newcombe, co-founder of the Craufurd Arms, a community pub in Slough. Listen to this podcast as part of our #AChangingWorld series and we explore how social investment has affected organisations during the lockdown and the opportunities it could now present.

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Crowd-funded investment
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Community shares


Since 2000, a quarter of all pubs in the UK have closed, in more than 13,000 locations. Four out of five people have seen a pub close down within five miles of where they live. As a pub closes, a valuable community asset disappears, reducing opportunities to come together and socialise and also affecting the local economy.

Revenue Model

Supporters successfully raised funds to bring the Craufurd Arms into community ownership and transform it into a thriving, viable and sustainable pub, owned by local shareholders and run for the benefit of the local and wider community.


Pub ownership is retained locally, creating a vibrant community and social hub, and remains part of the way of life and heritage of North Maidenhead.