Martin Hogg, Founder & CEO

Citizen Coaching & Counselling provides timely, jargon-free coaching and counselling to young people and adults in Birmingham with a friendly professional approach. We provide a choice of talking therapies, most of which are free to access, delivered by a team of 45 specialist qualified counsellors and psychotherapists.

6 years
Cost of capital
Amount invested
£125,000 + additional grant of £90,550
Product type
Social Investment Tax Relief


We have taken social investment to meet the challenge of both, the rising number and the increasing complexity of clients who are presenting to us. The investment enables us to expand our physical delivery space, create additional online capacity, move into new areas of work, employ more therapists and ensure our current team grow and develop through on-going professional development.


We enable young people and adults to self-refer, or be referred by their GP or support worker, ensuring that they get access to a high-quality counselling service delivered by a team of friendly professionals.

The investment, from Resonance STIR, will enable us to support more clients and provide innovation ways of working to ensure we adapt to the changing world around us. Adding a play therapy space for younger children and sensory room allows us to expand our services to meet demand.

Revenue model 

We work with private individuals, companies who purchase counselling for their employees and as part of the Living Well Consortium to deliver counselling services with contracts with NHS and other local agencies. We sell goods to not-for-profit and for-profit businesses, individuals and public sector bodies.


The investment from Resonance, will ensure that we can continue to meet the increasing challenges and demand for mental health services in these troubling times. It allows us to both expand on what we are currently doing, adding increased capacity, and preparing for new challenges ahead by working in an innovative way.