A community owned business using regenerative ocean farming, food security and sustainable job creation to improve both the coastal environment and the well-being of the local community.

12 Months
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Unsecured loan (incl. overdrafts)


Câr-Y-Môr is working hard to tackle various social issues for their community in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. Rural depopulation amongst younger generations is one of them, as many of the jobs in the immediate local area are seasonal, and do not provide a reliable income all year-round. 

As Wales’ first community-owned ocean farm, they are also tackling various climate change related problems facing the area, including water quality and harnessing the power of the natural resources available to them. 


Firstly, they took on £24,000 in blended finance from Social Investment Cymru to finance the purchase of a shellfish business. This, along with a successful Community Shares offer, helped them to start generating revenue. This has also enabled them to maintain operation while they await for various licenses and practice harvesting seaweed with trial beds. 

They have now sought further social investment to the tune of £425,000 through the Social Investment Business Recovery Loan Fund in order to build a seaweed processing plant, to help them to achieve some of their environmental objectives.  


The revenue at Câr-Y-Môr comes from the thriving shellfish business, whereby they work with local fishermen to provide crabs, lobsters, mussels and more on site, with much of the produce also available to purchase via the online shop.

Once the seaweed plant is up and running, they will seek further channels of revenue generation, including the liquid that comes off the seaweed which could be used as a fertiliser in agriculture that doesn’t pollute the rivers and the seaweed itself, which can be used in packaging. 

They’re also exploring seaweed recipes and how it could be used as a food source or ingredient for people in their local community and beyond. 

They are currently growing Mussels, Native Oysters, and Scallops on their farm to produce a sustainable and healthy food option, celebrating the incredible potential of the Welsh Coast. Regenerative aquaculture doesn’t require any fertiliser, pesticides or fresh water and is the ultimate way to rejuvenate an industry that is struggling and so important in the country’s history and culture.


Câr-Y-Môr has already played an instrumental role in bringing tackling rural depopulation and creating meaningful jobs in the local area. 

They are already in talks with a company in the Netherlands, who can turn their seaweed into plant pots, along with Notpla, winner of the Earth Shot prize for 2022. Earth Shot is a Nobel-like prize for the environment and was founded by Prince William and the Royal Foundation. 

“We are at a crucial stage in our development here at Câr-Y-Môr where we have the opportunity to build something which could be truly game changing for the UK seaweed industry. To get this over the line we need social investors and funders to put their faith in us which is why we are so grateful for the support and trust that SIB have shown” 

Tracey Gilbert-Falconer, Fundraising Manager at Câr-Y-Môr

“This was one of those projects where as soon as you pick it up you say, we’re doing this because it’s  different, it’s exciting and it addresses so many issues at the same time. The prospects were so exciting! Câr-Y-Môr is completely out the box and we can’t wait for the future for them. And also congratulations to the team for winning Welsh Social Enterprise of the Year last month!”

Alun Jones, Head of Social Investment, Social Investment Cymru