Advisors and advisory organisations are critical in supporting charities and social enterprises on their social investment journey; whether that be with financial modelling and business planning, or leadership training and impact management. 

As of 2024, Good Finance has improved the functionality of our directories to enable advisory organisations to provide more information about the services they provide for social enterprises, charities and community organisations.

What’s new? 

-    A brand-new standalone map - browse the directory here.
-    Advisor-specific filters enabling users to browse by location, organisation type and services provided
-    Easy-to-access information about advisors, including contact email addresses
-    The functionality to add ‘showcase stories’ to your profile so users can see how you’ve supported organisations like theirs previously.

 Who is eligible to list via the Advisor Directory? 

Great question! If you’re an organisation or individual offering advisory services to charities, social enterprises and community organisations, you might want to list your organisation via the directory.

In a nutshell, you must…

 -   Have professional indemnity insurance
-    Have supported a social purpose organisation in the last 6 months
-    Provide dedicated support to charities, social enterprises or community organisations 
-    Have more than one year of experience 

You can read the full criteria document here, but do let us know if you have any questions or would like to discuss your circumstances in more detail.

 I’m an Advisor / Advisory Service – where do I sign up? 

Once you have read the criteria document, you can fill out this quick form to submit your listing enquiry.

It might be helpful to check out the listing guidance document ahead of going through this process. 

The form is split out into 5 key sections and should take no longer than 10-minutes to complete:

#1 Profile: Key Details Organisation name + logo, as well as basic information about the account holder. Please note, we require a personal email address here. 
#2 Profile Completion: The text that actually makes up your profile, including a one-line intro and the main body of your listing (up to 150 words). Here, you will also be able to select the region you operate from, type of organisation and the core support provided by your services (select up to three). 
#3 Criteria: Please note, if you do not meet the eligibility criteria you may not be able to list via Good Finance. More information on what that looks like via the criteria guidance document
#4 Before you go: Just some information for us to monitor who we’re working and collaborating with and what courses/programmes you have engaged with previously. 
#5 Show case story: You have the ability to add a showcase story before your profile goes live – this acts as a testimonial to show users how you have helped organisations like theirs. You do not have to complete this to have a profile and you can add one at a later date. 

Once you have completed this form, it will take some time for the team here at Good Finance to review and approve your listing. We’re aiming to turn around profiles within two weeks, but this is not guaranteed – please email if you’d like an update on your profile.

Once approved, you’ll be provided with log-in details and more information on how to manage your profile.