Welcome to Good Finance

Welcome to Good Finance

Our mission is to help charities & social enterprises navigate the complex world of social investment

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Blog | 13 April 2017
We’ve known for a long time that social investment can seem both complex and inaccessible to the very organisations it’s seeking to serve.
Blog | 4 October 2016
The concept of a theory of change has been around for decades but over recent years they have gathered traction in the funding and social investment community.


Event | 10 May 2017
Join the Social Enterprise Yorkshire & Humber's Annual Working Capital Conference. Working Capital is a conference designed to bring together the leading exponents in social...
Event | 4 May 2017
Vonne is partnering with Big Society Capital to host a Let's Talk Good Finance event in Gateshead.

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Charities and social enterprises across the UK are already using social investment in a variety of ways. Browse our latest case studies to see how organisations are using it to further their social impact. 

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