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This is a beta website to help improve access to information on investment and finance for charities and social enterprises. In its first phase you can explore information about social investment, social impact measurement and the project itself. As the website grows we will include broader information on wider finance and investment for charities and social enterprises.

What is social investment?

Understand more about how socially motivated finance and investment could help your charity or social enterprise

Measuring social impact

Find out about measuring your social impact and access free tools and resources

About this project

Find out about the team behind this project and why we're developing this beta website

Case studies

Charities and social enterprises across the UK are already using social investment in a variety of ways.


Blog | 22 June 2016

I distinctly remember my first meeting at Big Society Capital.

Blog | 23 May 2016

When Social Enterprise UK (SEUK) asks its members about the biggest barriers to their sustainability or growth, access to appropriate finance is consistently one of the primary obstacles named.

Blog | 4 March 2016

Last week we had the second meeting of the steering group for this project to develop improved information services for charities and social enterprises exploring their options for finance and investment.