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Picnic Fund

Nikki Gaddo
W106 Vox Studios
1-45 Durham Street
SE11 5LH London
United Kingdom

PICNIC invests in community organisations and projects that deliver social and environmental impact through parks and green spaces. Through mentoring support provided by our partners at the National Trust, our goal is to help grow thriving, sustainable businesses that benefit parks and the communities they serve.

The £3.3m PICNIC fund provides investments of between £25,000 and £150,000 to eligible organisations. We tailor our funding to give projects time to generate sustainable revenue, and deliver specific and measurable social and environmental outcomes, before starting to repay the loan.

Our patient, affordable and flexible funding comes in the form of simple, repayable, unsecured loans repayable over 3 to 7 years.  If needed, we can also offer a grant up to 20% of our total investment to enhance or accelerate expected social or environmental impacts. Repayment holidays of up to 24 months may also be available. Interest rates are expected to be between 5-10%, depending on the risk and impact of the investment. We charge a 2% arrangement fee.

PICNIC can support costs that may help you grow such as salaries, equipment and fit out costs to support new revenue streams, business development costs or working capital. We look to enable organisations community and social organisations, charities and profit-with-purpose businesses that deliver services in urban greenspaces. We recognise that social investment is new to many organisations and so will provide wrap around support during the application and beyond. 

We expect to invest in around 60 projects and organisations over the next 4 years, directed principally across three cities, with an initial focus on Newcastle.

PICNIC is an access point for the Reach Fund.