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Mayur Gondhea

An independent financial modelling team supporting organisations to process, manage, interpret and utilise management information. We were founded on social principles - to recruit neurodiverse analysts. Our services include model build, model audit, training and advisory. 

The core of our service is the simple spreadsheet – we then apply our analytical and financial know-how to use spreadsheet methodologies to refine, rework and reformat management information into a form that enables you, the client, to best access and interpret this information.

A team of highly proficient financial modellers led by a management group which understands business, but also continues to thrive in the depths of the spreadsheet.  CubeLynx provides the bridge between the technical and the commercial logic.

CubeLynx has Expertise and the Experience of working across a range of business environments including:  regulated industries, infrastructure/renewables, government and property. CubeLynx is an Entrepreneurial initiative and the management team are entrepreneurs who have chosen to lead and embrace change.

CubeLynx promotes diversity in line with best ESG practice and employs financial modellers who are neurodiverse, particularly those who are Autistic.  The Autistic community has a large untapped talent pool of financial modellers and CubeLynx commits to provide this community with careers and pathways to success.