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Dave Boyle

We help you raise capital from your crowd of supporters using Community Shares. We've helped over 20 organisations raise over £5m, from pubs to piers, solar panels to sports clubs.

The Community Shares Company specialises in helping organisations raise patient capital from their strongest supporters. We believe that communities that own assets are stronger, that community businesses can be an engine of economic and cultural growth, and that capital from the people who care most about your impact in the world - your users, supporters and beneficiaries - is the cheapest and most effective type of money a social sector business can have.

We can help you:

  • Choose and create (or convert to) the right legal structure
  • Develop the offer to investors (including helping you secure tax breaks that might be available)
  • Plan a marketing and engagement campaign with your community of potential investors
  • Write key documents and promotional material for you that are legally sound and engaging for audiences
  • Help you manage the post-investment process of running your organisation and engaging with your investors