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Jim Brooks

Cogent Ventures provide independent business advice and financial modelling support for organisations who want to reach their full potential.

All our clients have one thing in common, their primary objective is to make people’s lives better. By utilising our wide-ranging health and social care experience alongside our commercial expertise, we support organisations to reach their full potential and thus enable them to work in a sustainable way and improve as many lives as possible. Our straightforward approach to complex business challenges enables the organisations we work with to continue to deliver services that have a positive impact both on communities and individuals.

Finance and Funding Services

  • Economic appraisal of capital projects
  • Financial modeling and forecasts
  • Assessment of funding requirements
  • Lender engagement 
  • Bid support for Public sector contracts

Social Impact Services

  • Development of Theory of Change
  • Evidencing and valuing of social outcomes and impact
  • Calculation of Social Return on Investment (SROI)
  • Social impact report production
  • Reporting system development