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Allia C&C

Phil Caroe
0845 456 2431
Future Business Centre
King's Hedges Road
CB4 2HY Cambridge
United Kingdom

We help charities and social enterprises raise loan finance by connecting with investors through listed and unlisted bonds.

Allia C&C is part of the Allia charitable group, helping impact ventures connect with ethical investors. Allia has been issuing bonds since 1999 to raise finance for social impact.

A bond offers the opportunity to raise unsecured loan finance with fixed costs – as well as providing a new way to connect with individual investors. 

For loans starting from £10m, our Retail Charity Bonds access the retail bond market through bonds listed on London Stock Exchange. We’ve issued bonds from £11m to £33m which have seen strong demand from a range of individual and institutional investors.

For loans of £1m or more, we help borrowers through our special purpose issuer, Allia Impact Investments, connect with their networks of supporters through our mini-bonds. 

Financial product offered: