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Allia C&C

Phil Caroe
0845 456 2431
Future Business Centre
King's Hedges Road
CB4 2HY Cambridge
United Kingdom

We help charities and social enterprises raise loan finance by connecting with investors through listed and unlisted bonds.

Allia C&C, part of the Allia group, supports a range of organisations whose core purpose is to transform lives, communities and the environment. With extensive experience across different sectors – particularly housing, care and education – we help secure funding solutions to deliver more impact, whether that’s a bank loan, bond or private placement.

We also have strong connections with ethical investors from across the market, including high street banks, retail investors pension funds and institutional investors – offering them access to, and expertise in, socially responsible investments.

Overall, we are able to align high social impact businesses with investors who not only seek a financial return but want to see their money do good in society.

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