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Unforgettable used social investment to grow their social enterprise which provides goods and services for people with dementia and their carers.


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5-7 years
Cost of capital 
Loan and equity
Amount invested 
Unsecured loan (incl. overdrafts)
Equity investment

There are no shops on the high street for dementia. I was convinced that somebody needed to connect great products with the people that really needed them.

       James Ashwell, Founder, Unforgettable


There are 850,000 people with dementia in the UK. Although there are many products and services that provide practical solutions to the daily challenges of the illness, identifying these without mainstream shops and information centres can be difficult.


Unforgettable brings together practical advice, a supportive community for carers, and a marketplace for specialised products such as GPS shoe insoles and time orientation clocks. By offering goods and services, Unforgettable aims to be a ‘go to’ resource for people with dementia and those that care for them.

Revenue Model

Social investment helped the business start-up. Unforgettable will repay the investment by generating revenue from products sold through its website.


Over the next three years, Unforgettable aims to reach 10% of the population affected by dementia, roughly 85,000 people. By connecting the best products and services with the people that need them most, Unforgettable aims to make a practical difference to those with dementia and the people that care for them

Unforgettable has developed a unique, transformative and highly scalable model, where growth is wholly consistent with delivering the social mission.  We incubated the business, providing support and resources to James and the team to bring the business to launch and are excited by its potential to transform the lives of those living with dementia. 

       Caroline Tulloch, Investment Director at Bridges Ventures