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Midlands Together

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Midlands Together is a social enterprise which raised finance through a charity bond to grow its business providing employment opportunities for people leaving prison.

I owe everybody on this project so much. Otherwise I would just be sat at home doing nothing!

Shane, Employee


People who have been in prison find it harder to find employment, which significantly increases the risk of reoffending.


Midlands Together buys empty properties in need of refurbishment or redevelopment, employing ex-offenders and helping them gain work experience in the construction industry

Revenue Model 

The investment is serviced and repaid through selling the redeveloped properties.


Over the lifetime of the investment, approximately 120 ex-offenders will be employed and trained with the skills they need to work in the construction industry

Midlands Together gives ex-offenders another chance. By creating employment opportunities, the project gives people the chance to turn their lives around. It’s a successful and commercially sustainable model that we want to see grow and replicate.

Dan Hird, Corporate Finance Manager, Triodos Bank

Key information

Duration | 
5 years
Cost of capital | 
Two issues, one at 4%, one at 6%
Invested | 
£3 million
Turnover | 
Over £3 million